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The importance of fighting for what you dream of

Life has become such a frenetic and stressful exercise that we end up moving almost by inertia without having the opportunity to stop and think about what we would really like to do. We all have dreams but few have the space, time, opportunity…or courage to fight for them. That being said, I think it is worth writing about the importance of fighting for what you dream of.

When you run towards a place, if you want to get there one day it is essential to know exactly where that place is. We invest a large number of hours in social networks or television, listening to other people’s dilemmas and conflicts or exercising our bodies in gyms or swimming pools, but when do we stop to listen to ourselves? Since we are born they give us little pushes that lead us from one place to another, and yet there is an activity that is so tremendously simple and effective that they have managed to convince us that today it is crazy to do: stopping. There’s no rush, there really isn’t. As soon as we finish twelve years of primary education, we are already enrolling in university, where despite being the best years of our lives and without even being convinced of what we want to study, we are terrified of finishing a year later than we should. and shortly after finishing we become desperate if we do not find work immediately. And this is how life goes, when something ends, something else is already beginning, without pauses that allow us to breathe, that give freedom to our emotions to express themselves. If we started eating dinner right at the end of lunch, we would never feel hungry. We continue doing what we must without taking into account what we really want.

We continue doing what we must without taking into account what we really want

On the other hand there is the fear of impossibility, it is more beautiful and romantic to have a dream that you take to bed at night than to fight for it, being very likely to reap the disappointment of not ending up achieving it. But to combat this handicap there are two tools. The first is to measure your dreams to achieve results. It is not about abandoning your dreams for other more feasible ones, but rather dividing your final dream into others that are more within reach: divide and conquer. The motivation to reach each step will not only make you stronger, but it will propel you to the next one by verifying that you are capable of achieving what you set out to do. Then, as if by magic, what was once a mountain ceases to be one and becomes a point of view, kilometers are no longer distance but a path and the impossible is no longer a chimera, but a challenge.

The second strategy is not to be results-oriented. If you are going to embark on the extraordinary adventure of chasing dreams, you have to do so being aware that dreams are dreams, accepting to live with the magic and mysticism that surround them. Magic only works if you blindly believe in it. I’m sorry but that’s how it is, fulfilling dreams is strictly reserved for dreamers.

Fulfilling dreams is strictly reserved for dreamers

The last thing to keep in mind and most important is that the pursuit of a dream is going to change you, it is going to transform you into another person. I’m sure you’ve already noticed this fact, right? There are two types of people out there, those who dream their dreams and those who fight for them. Waking up every day with the ambition of achieving a goal or at least getting a little closer to it, will inevitably make your life more suggestive and, in addition, this entire journey will entail tremendous learning in many fields, but mainly You will discover yourself who you are and what your capabilities are. Believe me, in this process the discovery will always be positive, because when you fight for your dreams you are already better than you think, not because you suddenly are, but because that fighting process will inevitably transform you into someone better. It remains to be clarified that a dream does not have to be majestic or exorbitant, a dream is something personal, human and is strictly designed to grant inexhaustible doses of happiness and satisfaction to the dreamer. It could perfectly be about having a beautiful garden, a wonderful family, writing a book, getting over an illness or living a life in peace and harmony. A dream is not chosen, it is discovered.

Dreams are not just utopias with which to make our fantasies wander, they are challenges that our minds set for us to make sure we keep our ambition to learn and evolve alive. The importance of fighting for what you dream of lies not in ending up fulfilling those dreams, but in discovering who you are, who you can become and, most importantly, who will always be by your side during that journey.

There are two types of people: those who sleep their dreams and those who fight for them

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