Mr. Challenge Films
directed by
Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo

Mr. Challenge Films was founded in 2010 by Miguel, (1987). Since then, 5 of his film productions have been awarded at international film festivals.

Miguel is a filmmaker, photographer, journalist and activist passionate about his work and the dream of generating a positive impact to contribute to a better world.

In 2014, he created and led a Meditation Retreat for Artists in Thailand. Later, he worked for two years as a cameraman for Wiggle Honda/High5, the top women’s professional cycling team at the time. There, he produced more than 100 short documentaries and sent footage to outlets including the BBC, Fox and Japanese national television.

He has traveled more than 70 countries making films and social projects and currently lives between Berlin, Madrid and Almería.

During her travels, she has carried out several social projects, both on her own and in cooperation with NGOs and other institutions. He has also produced 8 documentaries and published articles in The Diplomat, as well as on his own author site at The Huffington Post, and at Deutsche Welle, where he currently works as a videographer.

Writing has always been his main passion. He has published several journalistic articles, both in Spanish and English, in addition to collaborating as a writer with various media. He loves to write poetry, philosophy and travel magazines, which he usually accompanies with short videos and photo galleries.

Currently, Miguel is seeking production for his first fiction script, ‘The Warrior Woman’, in addition to working on a visual artistic project that involves analog light shows with animation, microscopic recordings and psychedelic projections.


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