Humanitarian Through the Lens of Mr Challenge Films: Transforming Realities.

A Commitment to Humanity

Mr. Challenge Films carries out humanitarian projects in the form of social cinema independently and in collaboration with NGOs, as well as organizing fundraising events for humanitarian causes and collaborating with social circus and clown groups.

Humanitarian works of Mr Challenge Films

Humanitarian work encompasses a wide range of efforts aimed at alleviating human suffering, improving quality of life and promoting equality. Mr Challenge Films shares this commitment to humanity and seeks to use its platform to highlight the stories of those who are often marginalized and disadvantaged. Through its creative and authentic approach, the company manages to convey the urgency and importance of addressing humanitarian issues.

Social circus and clown

Collaboration with the associations Acirctamos and Circlosión de Carcajadas on projects with the aim of causing smiles in disadvantaged areas.

Dominican Republic

Fundraising and expedition to the Dominican Republic, where 500 educational toys were distributed among Haitians displaced by the earthquake.

Papua New Guinea

6 weeks of humanitarian film expedition, altruistically filming and producing 6 documentaries to support local organizations and social causes.


1 month traveling through areas of Tibet, production of a 52-minute documentary film and presentations around the world.


2 months of humanitarian film expedition producing videos and photographs for local social projects.


9 months living in Indonesia, including a 1-month expedition through Sumbawa Island and production of 2 documentaries.


A fundraising event was organized, second-hand toys were collected and distributed among children living in the greenhouses of Almería.


3 months in Peru supporting a local NGO, directing and producing 2 documentary films about their social projects and organizing a fundraiser.


Cooperation with the animal shelter and rescue organization, 'APA Nueva Vida', providing professional images and videos to support their cause.