Art Coaching

I created and directed the 'I Artistic Meditation Retreat' in Thailand, after managing a team of 25 people and collecting five hundred requests from artists from more than eighty countries. Twenty of them spent two weeks in a Sanctuary meditating and creating works of art that were then displayed at an Exhibition in Bangkok that I curated and coordinated.

The project was a great success and collected more than 50 press releases and publications from more than 25 different countries, as well as sponsorships from leading art brands, such as Rembrandt, Sakura, Van Gogh and Amsterdam.

Established artists

Are you looking for motivation, discipline or want to take your art to the next level.

Artistic talent is a gift and you have the privilege of being able to work as an artist.

If you are not satisfied, excited and proud, or if you are missing a goal and purpose, we can work on it so that you regain your passion and brilliance.


If you are an artist, there is a good chance that you were not born for business, and that’s great, you don’t have to become commercial. However, if you don’t manage to make a living from your art, you will end up frustrated and will most likely give up on your dream of finding a stable job, as most artists end up doing. I don’t know you yet, but I believe in you, you can do it, living the life of an artist is difficult, but it is so worth it. Shall we talk to make it happen?

Profiles we work with

Basically, any artistic profile, from Plastic Artists, Filmmakers, Photographers, writers, singers, musicians, dancers, etc.

You have the talent, what you could probably improve is the system, your daily habits and your confidence and awareness. Our system is based on improving human soft capabilities, so you can become the best version of yourself by using your time wisely, having a well-structured strategy and believing in yourself.

Personalized Artistic Coaching

1. Profile Analysis

  • We will go through your profile together, both artistic and personal, exploring your talents and lines of potential development.

2. Strategic Plan

  • We will develop a plan to maximize your artistic potential, improve your productivity and professionalize your distribution. All this, always keeping the focus on maintaining the love for what you do.


  • We will implement strategies to implement habits that take advantage of the best of your talent in the form of a constant process of creation and a fruitful distribution of your work.


  • We will continue to adapt and evolve, adjusting strategy and workflow to ensure adequate development of your capabilities and potential.

Let’s plan a first call and start working together to professionalize your work and maximize your potential while maintaining your enjoyment and genuine spirit.