Art direction

I created and directed the 'I Artistic Meditation Retreat' in Thailand, after managing a team of 25 people and collecting five hundred requests from artists from more than eighty countries. Twenty of them spent two weeks in a Sanctuary meditating and creating works of art that were then displayed at an Exhibition in Bangkok that I curated and coordinated.
The project was a great success and collected more than 50 press releases and publications from more than 25 different countries, as well as sponsorships from leading art brands, such as Rembrandt, Sakura, Van Gogh and Amsterdam.

Artistic retreat

20 artists from 19 different countries and various artistic disciplines spent 14 days in a sanctuary on an island in southern Thailand. Four meditation sessions and one yoga session a day to activate the pure and genuine inspiration within each artist.


Fine arts, video projections, music, dance, performance and storytelling came together to show the world a united message forged by artists from different cultures and nations.