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Journalism as an Engine of Change

Miguel Cano has been traveling the world since 2010 and working as a freelance journalist, writing investigative articles and producing photo-reports and documentaries, always with a social and humanitarian focus. In addition to filming and producing 8 of his own documentaries, he has been an author in The Huffington Post, he has published 5 photo-reports in the main current affairs magazine in the Asia and Pacific region, The Diplomat, he has had his own blog in the newspaper La Voz de Almería called The Magic Is There Out, and since 2018 he has worked for the main German public television, Deutsche Welle, for which he has produced more than 20 documentaries about his own stories, mainly in the sports and mobility sections.

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Journalism is a constant journey in search of the truth, and Mr Challenge Films has assumed that commitment with courage and dedication. As forms of communication evolve and challenges change, the company remains steadfast in its mission to present stories that matter and impact.

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Article The Voice of Almería

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