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The happiness that is coming

For a few months now and especially in recent days everything has been looking bad; Powerless and faint-hearted, we are overwhelmed daily with negative and defeatist news, our comfort zone has been violated and we are emotionally governed by frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness. This year is being complicated, yes, but even if we begin to doubt the passing evidence of this misfortune that has led us to collective morass, we will soon overcome this misfortune and be free again. Then we will be fully ready to enjoy the happiness that is coming.

Soon we will overcome this misfortune and we will be free again

The emergency situation we are experiencing has forced us to have to accept measures and restrictions that violate our definition of independence and well-being; It makes us angry to remember all those activities that we cannot do now and it makes us sad to think about loved ones that we have not been able to see or hug for months. Our emotional exhaustion presents us with a catastrophic panorama in which we forget that we continue to live in one of the most advanced and well-off societies on the planet. All these feelings are new for our generation, accustomed over the last 30 years to the greatest period of stability and prosperity that Spain and (in general) Europe have experienced, in all of modern history. We are living through a period as transcendental as it is dramatic, which will leave dents, but also great lessons and constructive breeding grounds for those who are willing to take advantage of them. An animal that was born wounded does not resent its wounds; The prosperity to which we were accustomed planted the seeds of each of the feelings of disappointment, fear and annoyance that we are now experiencing. If we water the gloomy emotions that encompass us today, tomorrow they will become robust trees under which we shelter.

If we water the gloomy emotions that encompass us today, tomorrow they will become robust trees under which we shelter.

Without even realizing it, these months we have developed the ability to identify and value what truly matters to us and what does not. On the one hand, we now know which people we really miss, how cultural activities are relevant to us, how restorative a simple walk in nature can be, the importance of meeting those we like, and how wonderful it is to have the opportunity and ease of traveling and getting around (something that is in fact very new for our society and still inaccessible to much of humanity). On the other hand, we have also discerned everything that we certainly did not need as much, whether activities, hobbies, objects, places or people. However, there is something even more extraordinary that has happened in 2020: we have paused and enjoyed the time and the opportunity to listen to each other. All of this has led to a positive transformation within each of us; Right now we feel sad, but in reality we know ourselves much better and we are able to direct our lives to spend our time on what and with whom it makes us happy.

We have the option to reflect and invest our time with those who make us happy.

Although right now they may seem alienated allegories, unappealable and indisputable, in a few months we will hug friends and family, feeling the true load of affection that a hug carries; we will drink and dance with acquaintances and strangers in bars and festivals, aware that authentic fun is shared; We will travel through Spain and the world, appreciating the privilege of free will and the immersive adventure of discovering other cultures; We will schedule plans and excursions weeks and months in advance, valuing the stability and confidence in the future that we usually enjoy; We will live without fear, being aware of our vulnerability with the reinforced conviction that life is as short as it is wonderful and that we do not have to delay even a day to do what we long for; We will spend the day admiring smiles, forever remembering the times in which joy was masked and, ultimately, we will overcome this period having forged the foundations to know who we are and what we want, to value what we have and appreciate every second, and to be thus in full disposition to copiously enjoy the happiness that is coming.

Soon we will enjoy in freedom the happiness that is coming

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