I thought the world was shrinking and I discovered a glimmer of eternal life,

in the eyes of the people, in their hospitality and in their altruistic wisdom,

sometimes he fled, but always forward, crossing barren lands

Under the full moon I found warmth in the abode of a learned magician.

It was in winter, touching the sky, I was in Tibet and there I discovered infinity.

I slipped away from the smoke and waves to finally breathe freely.

I went where no one had gone before to understand impossible things, certain things.

I savored the beauty of mystical places in human solitude.

I touched the sky with the tips of my fingers and felt the sun, cold.

I illuminated my nights with memories of diamonds and molten gold.

I received without asking and learned without studying,

I discovered that to say, it is not necessary to speak.

For a moment I thought I was walking, but I realized I was flying.

I had no hurry, no destiny or script, because this time the film was not directed by me, but by chance,

the chance of truth, fire and ambition.

The sky was so blue that it was blue even at night,

the looks so honest that sometimes they hurt,

reproaches did not exist in the land of incense,

When a defenseless heart cries, it really does so,

a community that is extinct is dying of reality.

I drew a platonic nirvana with my crystal wings

flying over mystical sanctuaries on hidden peaks,

Your irrational arguments neither intimidate nor scare me.

The brutal honesty of the magicians of asceticism

He gave a lesson in faith and hope to the preacher of illusionism.

By witnessing and suffering misfortune in a wise land

On this trip I cried swords of anguish for a paradise that is passing away,

but I will dream and fight for an impossible remedy, because that is what magic was created for.

It was there in Tibet, in its sky, in its eyes and on an unheard of path,

that finally, when I had given up, I discovered the infinite.

It was there, in Tibet, I discovered infinity