You are happy? She asked a small squirrel for a boa seconds before devouring it while she compressed the small rodent’s body more and more with her tight muscles. ‘Of course, I always have been and always will be’ – But you know you’re about to die, isn’t that perhaps a bone of contention for you? – If the fact of dying in this way made me unhappy, that would mean that my whole life has been false, because if I have always felt so lucky to be able to run and jump freely among the trees, then it would make no sense for me to regret it now. and cry for falling prey to one of the dangers that have always existed out there. I knew you were there and that this moment could come, but I was still always happy to be able to enjoy playing freely on the field. – I guess now you can say that you are no longer so free, just before you die. – You are wrong, dear boa, because freedom does not end with captivity, much less with death, my happiness always made me free and free I leave, true to my style, happy.

We often ignore the tremendous value of freedom

Every time I return home for a while, many people ask me about what adversities and hard times I have gone through during my adventures, assuming that it is impossible to maintain a positive mood constantly, so I always remind them of the phrase that has accompanied me since I was little. , and they are talking to the happiest person in the world by far about the second. From the deepest humility and respect for the way of understanding each person’s life, I move on to describe the keys that govern a journey marked by enthusiasm, enthusiasm and joviality, these are the pillars of positivism.




What is perfect can be improved. Most people will tell you that perfection does not exist, and I affirm, without fear of being wrong, that they are resoundingly wrong. A given situation or moment can not only be perfect, but also when you realize that it is and you are sure that nothing could improve, then it happens, the perfect improves. It is a condition that has happened to me dozens of times, contemplating in awe the sublime perfection of a moment and sinning again in innocence when witnessing the present becoming something even higher.




Everything, everything and everything in this life is relative. Never be sure that your opinion is correct and you will be right. Each situation and person has an infinite number of factors that we neither know nor understand but that directly influence the judgment of each individual. One of the weakest favors that society does to our personal development is having convinced us in a certain way that being right makes us more illustrious, when in reality it is just an illusion created by our pride to generate small doses of ephemeral satisfaction. There is no more appropriate and ideal occasion to learn than when opinions that are contrary or disparate to our opinion are presented to us, but to do so we must accept the subjectivity of what is true, especially respecting those points of view that we do not understand and taking advantage of the fact that everything is relative. to enjoy the diversity and plurality of life itself.




There is nothing impossible…until you are completely sure you have tried everything. In this case, the second part is the most important part of the phrase, since the simple fact of trying everything is already a palpable triumph and even frequently when you give everything you have inside, even if the desired end is not achieved, sometimes not even It is relevant, because our efforts have taken us to another place or made us see things in a different way, an exercise that inevitably entails positive learning.

It is in your power to overcome laziness and start doing what you love.

This essay is by no means intended to be a guide or reference for the search for happiness, but only a mere exercise in sharing suggestions that have proven to be effective in facing life with a smile, always maintaining the spirit of trying to learn. fight and dream under any circumstance.


The conclusion is that we should not settle or be blinded by always searching for more or better, but rather focus on fully appreciating what we have at that moment but keeping our senses awake to capture new circumstances that make the situation even better, more perfect. It’s like magic, it exists and it is possible, but you have to believe.

Free yourself from your fears and think, act and fly free