I don’t want there to be a term for something that should be a gesture as natural as breathing, I don’t want to think about how much I have left if I give a part, nor doubt the need of someone I can simply help. I dream of destroying stereotypes and prejudices by which those who give without expecting anything in return are judged, of giving when I feel like it and not when it is dictated to me. Please, let’s remove “share” from the dictionary.

Let's remove 'Share' from the dictionary

Some defend the value of their belongings by praising such ephemeral goods as even drinks or food because “they have earned it with their effort”, and the last thing I would do is judge each person’s efforts, but that statement seems as illusory as it is unfair to me. Or would your vigor and sacrifice have served the same purpose if you had been born in the Horn of Africa, without a leg or having grown up being mistreated by your parents?


Think about it, if those who have nothing offer everything without hesitation, why do we, who have been so graceful and fortunate, have the need to create and use the term “sharing” as a social reward for which we can feel proud of a good deed? , when in reality it is not such, but is something inherent and inherent to human nature?

Whenever I have traveled to disadvantaged communities I have been amazed at how they share everything

While on an Indonesian island filming a documentary, I arrived at a remote mountain village after several hours of walking, showing visible signs of hunger and exhaustion. After a couple of minutes walking through the shacks of the town, a local woman invited me to go up to her house under the pretext of offering me food, although in reality she was about to give me one of the most brutal lessons of my existence.

It's a fact: humble people share more and better

After taking off my shoes at the door, I entered the main living room and sat on the wooden floor next to his three children, all visibly under ten years old, who were watching and touching my audiovisual equipment with fascination. After a few minutes, the woman entered with a bowl of rice, placed it on the floor and carried out a gesture that caused my consternation at that moment and that I would never forget: with a fork she divided the rice into two equal parts, serving one of them on my plate and depositing the rest between the plates of his three children. He neither asked nor smiled as a sign of complicity, nor would it have been of any use if I had expressed my renunciation of such distribution of food, because, despite the fact that it was evident that just the equipment he was carrying was worth more than all the family’s belongings. , house included, without thinking and in a natural way, she had just offered me the same amount of rice as her three children, leaving her without eating a bite.




Always offer, never doubt, never judge. Decide between thinking that you deserve your belongings or that it is lucky and privileged that you have them. In an act of insanity, commit the audacity to go through your possessions and simply hand them over to someone who doesn’t need them. Then maybe your dementia will turn into nonsense and you can finally eliminate the term ‘sharing’ from your dictionary.

Friendship is usually a good excuse to share without regard